Township of Long Hill

JOB OPPORTUNITY - Crossing Guards

Applications can dropped off at Police Headquarters (264 Mercer Street Stirling, New Jersey 07980) Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.  The crossing guard position will be at a hourly rate of $22.90 and an average 10 hours per week.  The deadline for applications will be August 6, 2018

The qualifications:  

·         No person shall be appointed as an adult school crossing guard unless:

·         They are a citizen and resident of this State;

·         They are of sound body and of good health;

·         They are of good moral character and have not been convicted of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude.  

Expectations and Duties:
·         Be on time.
·         Call out sick well in advance.
·         Always wear reflective vest and carry STOP paddle while on post.
·         Maintain a neat appearance.
·         Keep uniform in good condition.
·         Scan the area for hazardous conditions (potholes, obscured signs, ice, snow, etc.)
·         Park your car in a safe and legal place where it will not obstruct your vision of traffic.
·         Remain standing at post during hours of duty. Never sit in vehicle.
·         Be courteous, pleasant and businesslike with children and adults.
·         Never leave your post during hours of duty. If a family emergency arises, contact your supervisor or the school to arrange           for relief.
·         Leave post at end of shift, unless child pedestrians are approaching the crosswalk.
·         Be professional.
·         Do not smoke or use tobacco products, eat or drink, or chew gum, use profanity, or be under the influence of drugs or           alcohol while on duty.
·         Do not use a personal cell phone or other electronic device unless necessary to report an emergency.
·         Do not read or listen to music.
·         Do not engage drivers in conversation.
·         Do not touch children or allow children to sit in the guard’s car.
·         Be an authority figure. Teach by example

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