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Working closely with the Planning Board, the Master Plan Committee has been tasked with preparing a comprehensive draft Master Plan.  

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Downtown Long Hill - A Summary of Finding (2014)

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Debra Coonce,  Planning and Zoning Board Coordinator, 



2020 Master Plan Land Use Assessment Survey

The 2020 Long Hill Township Master Plan Land Use Assessment Survey was conducted this Spring by Topology, a Town Planning consulting firm based in Newark, NJ. Focusing upon the Township's village sections and Valley Road Business District, over 400 respondents completed the Survey and shared their thoughts through written comments.   In general, residents would like to see unappealing properties removed and replaced with more aesthetically desirable options focusing upon tasteful, small-scale retail/business establishments and social spaces for entertainment and dining. These views are consistent with open space, environmental and sustainability considerations, including measures to protect local waterways and create walkways/trails to link the distinct and unique sections of the Township.   Overall, residents continue to enjoy the semi-rural and small scale feel of Long Hill which echoes the general survey conducted in 2016.  

The Master Plan Committee would like to thank the over 400 residents who responded to the Assessment and look forward to incorporating this information in the Master Plan Land Use Element.

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