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Master Plan Survey Respondents
Affirm the Township’s
Essential Character
and Seek a Stronger Community


Survey Highlights

The two biggest headlines from the recently-concluded Long Hill Township Master Plan Survey are that residents continue to highly value Long Hill Township’s historical character as a low-density, semi-rural residential community while also wanting Long Hill Township’s commercial centers to become more vibrant, attractive, socially and economically productive.

Over 80% of respondents indicated they cared deeply about Long Hill Township’s open space, tree-lined residential streets, semi-rural historical heritage, community spirit and overall safety as a community.

At the same time, similarly high majorities indicated the 2016 Master Plan should:

  • Encourage development of the Valley Road commercial corridor into an economically-successful, shopper-friendly “downtown,”
  • Ensure new commercial development is environmentally responsible and architecturally attractive,
  • Provide more commercial ratables to offset the cost of government,
  • Provide more biking and walking trails, Mitigate future flood damage,
  • Re-develop aged industrial sites (such as TIFA and Thermoplastics) into attractive, productive uses.

In terms of desired future quality of life, among the highest scoring issues respondents thought the Master Plan should consider were:

  • Finding solutions to Long Hill Township’s aging population and continually-decreasing school enrollment
  • Making Long Hill Township attractive to new home buyers seeking walkable mixed use (residential and commercial) neighborhoods near the townships NJT train stations
  • Providing a wider range of shopping/dining choices for local residents.

The final survey totaled 427 responses. The final results and computerized data will be published on the town website and made available to be viewed in print form at Town Hall and the Township Library.

As of the close of the Long Hill Township Master Plan Survey on June 5th, 427 residents/business owners  participated. What is quite unusual about the responses is the large number of write-in comments received — over 590. The fact that so many people took the time to share their specific hopes and wishes speaks highly for their concern about the township’s future.

From a statistical analysis perspective, it would be reasonable to assume that the results of this survey are representative of the views of the entire population at a 95% confidence level with less than a ±5 percent margin of error. For a detailed analysis of the survey data, see the “Survey Analysis” article.

What stands out most dramatically about the results is the percentage of agreement on most of the survey questions. For the majority of the questions, the typical response of “like” vs. “dislike” was 75% or greater in favor and 15% or less opposed, with an average of 10% who indicated “no opinion.” That indicates a strong community consensus on most of the survey questions.

Long Hill
Master Plan Survey

Survey Highlights

Survey Analysis

Survey Data

Survey Comments


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