Township of Long Hill


Aerial pumper 14 is the ladder truck of the Millington Fire Company.  

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It is equipped with:
  • A 75 foot aerial ladder that has a built-in waterway that extends with the ladder.  The big hose nozzle ("master stream device") at the top of the ladder has a capacity of 1000 gallons per minute, and can be operated remotely through controls at the ladder operator console and/or at the pump control console.  This aerial ladder is designed to attack a fire from above, if it has burned through the roof.  The nozzles at the top can be supplied with foam by Engine 11, if needed.
  • A 1750 GPM HALE pump
  • A 350 gallon water tank
  • A 5,000 KW Honda generator
  • Various ground ladders
  • Saws, ventilation fans and various other tools.
Plaque on Truck 14
Ladder Truck 14 keeps busy fighting winter Chimney Fires .  Read about chimney safety and get your chimney cleaned, please.

Truck 14 responds to mutual aid calls whenever additional aerial ladder capabilities are needed.

Ken Appollo served the MFVC his entire adult life.  He died about the time this truck was acquired.


Pump Panel on Truck 14
Junior Firefighter learns the pump controls
The view from the top