Township of Long Hill


On September, 11, 2001, the Long Hill First Aid Squad sent two units to Liberty State Park in preparation for thousands of victims.  The First Responder Unit, Car 32, and an ambulance, responded with moving devices, and a large amount of first aid supplies to treat the incoming patients.  The disaster did not create many injuries and the Liberty State Park treatment area was not used.

On September 15, 2001, the Long Hill First Aid Squad received a request from the New Jersey State First Aid Council to provide additional support for the disaster in New York.  The Squad was requested because of mobilization agreements made though the First Aid Council.  The Squad sent one ambulance, Car 31, to Manhattan, and kept it there for 20 hours.  During that period, members Mike Smith, Robert English and David English, with Millington Fire Chief Gary Bauer were stationed in Battery Park, and were assigned to aid injured rescuers.  Thankfully, their skills were not put into practice that day.

Below are pictures of Car 31 at various staging areas in lower Manhattan.  These pictures were taken by Gary Bauer.

Long Hill First Aid Squad stationed at the
"South Staging Area" in Battery Park
Long Hill First Aid Squad in the "Chelsea Piers Staging Area."
Long Hill First Aid Squad at "Chelsea Piers Staging Area"
followed by Whitehouse Rescue Aid Squad
The remains of Tower 1, then