Township of Long Hill


First Aid Squad First Responder
Car 32 is our "First Responder".  It is a four wheel drive vehicle that carries basic first aid supplies.  It is primarily used:
  • At civic functions where the full capability of an ambulance is not expected.
  • In support of fire and police activity when no injuries have been reported.
  • In difficult terrain situations not accessible to the (10,000 pound) ambulances.
  • During snow conditions, when the four-wheel drive may be the only way to get to the victim.

Car 32 was purchased in 2002 through the generous donations of the residents of Long Hill Township and especially (squad member) Richard Balzarini of Gillette who made a large contribution in memory of his wife Ronni.

This view of the back of Car 32 shows how it is equipped.  On the right is a rack holding the first aid supplies, all in canvas "kits" for portability away from the unit.  Note the microphones and radios mounted at the top of this rack.  These allow the EMT to communicate without having to enter the truck's cab. 

To the left is a long, flat carpeted bed.  This area is designed to hold a litter (stowed underneath) when Car 32 is used off-the-road and must transport a victim through difficult terrain.  (Remember that 55% of Long Hill Township is undeveloped, and includes over 3500 acres of public parkland, 12.4 miles of mostly-inaccessible riverfront, and 8 miles of power transmission line right-of-way.)

Below the rack on the right side is a slide-out tray with a plastic-covered worksheet underneath.  At a serious incident, the "Incident Commander" would use this form to keep track of injuries, resources, schedules, available personnel, etc. in one convenient and accessible place.