Township of Long Hill


Long Hill Township is subject to occasional flooding from the Passaic River in residential, commercial, highway and street areas due to the topography and soil conditions in these areas.  Some of the streets that are affected by this flooding are:

Bungalow Terrace

Mountain Ave

Carlton Road

New Vernon Road

Cedar Ave

Norwood Drive

Crestwood Road

Old Forge Road

Essex Street

Pleasant Plains Rd

Hollywood Ave

Poplar Drive

Homestead Road

Railroad Ave

Laurel Ave

Riverview Ave

Madison Street

Sherwood Lane

Magnolia Ave

Somerset Street

Main Avenue

Sunrise Drive

Mercer Street

Union Street

Meyersville Road

Valley Road

Morris Street

Warren Ave

Morristown Road

White Bridge Road


The Federal Government has identified the floodplains by preparing a detailed map showing the 100 year floodplain.

The floodplain map and information on how to get a certification as to whether a property is within the floodplain can be obtained at the Township Municipal Building (908-647-8000) ext. 227.  Copies of the map and other documents may be reviewed at the Long Hill Library or Town Hall.  Additional information on obtaining flood hazard alerts and flood safety can be viewed on our Flood Hazard Information page.


The 100 year floodplain is an area that can be expected to be flooded once every 100 years.  It has a 1% chance of being flooded in any given year and about a 25% chance of being flooded over the life of a typical 30-year mortgage.  You can obtain a flood insurance policy to protect yourself from losses due to flooding.  See our page on Flood Protection for additional information.

Although a 100 year flood can be expected to produce severe damage, smaller floods have a greater chance of occurring at and may pose a significant hazard to people and property.