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Crime prevention is a community-policing tool utilized by police agencies, which are compelled to solve crimes before they are committed.  Crime prevention requires the officers to take an active role to prevent future crimes and to develop a working relationship with the community they serve.

The Long Hill Township Police Department firmly believes that crime prevention is a group effort between the community and law enforcement.  Crime prevention and community policing encourages positive attitudes for bridging any gap between the community and the officers that serve that community.

  • Vehicle Identification Decals
  • Vacation Security​
  • Operation Identification - Mark Your Valuables
  • Home Security Survey
  • National Night Out - Public Awareness
  • Crime Prevention Handouts
  • Do You Have A Number? - Put your street address where we can see it
  • DWI Checks To Be Conducted  
Home Security Survey

According to recent national crime statistics a home is burglarized every eleven seconds.  Criminals steal valuables such as electronics, collectibles, jewelry, cameras and currency.  However, criminals also steal your sense of security and rob you of cherished family heirlooms and memories irreplaceable by insurance companies. 

The average burglar will spend no more than 3-5 minutes attempting to gain access to your residence.  The home security survey can help you evaluate your home's defenses and create a "hardened" target.  The unfortunate fact is that according to a U.S. Department study, half of all home burglaries are committed without the use of force to gain entry.  More often than not, burglars are entering through unlocked doors and windows almost exclusively when the occupants are away. 

The Long Hill Township Crime Prevention Unit invites you to take the first step to improve your family's security and peace of mind by scheduling a home security survey with a crime prevention specialist.  The survey reviews, locks, doors, windows, landscaping, alarms systems and general security procedures. You will receive a personal evaluation of your residence combined with valuable, simple and proven suggestions.  The Long Hill Township Crime Prevention Unit encourages all residents to take advantage of this program and work together as a team towards a safer community.  A united community is a safe community.  To schedule your security survey today please contact Officer Jeff Scala 908-647-1800 ext. 509.