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The USA on Watch Program of Long Hill Township is one component of the Crime Prevention Program.  It enhances the cohesive relationship between the Police and the residential neighborhoods.  The program assists with reducing the opportunity for crime, by requesting each resident's direct or indirect involvement in observing or reporting suspicious or unusual behavior to the police.  Neighbors look for:
  • Someone screaming or shouting for help.
  • Someone looking into windows and parked cars.
  • Unusual noises.
  • Property being taken out of houses where no one is home.
  • Cars, vans and trucks moving slowly with no apparent destination or without lights.
  • Anyone being forced into a vehicle.
  • A stranger sitting in a car or stopping to talk to a child.
  • Abandoned cars.

As part of the USA on Watch program, the Police Department encourages home security surveys conducted by a certified crime prevention officer.  The survey demonstrates safety issues along with the security of the home.  The philosophy behind home protection is to detect a possible intruder, deter a possible threat and delay the intruder as long as possible before he can entering the dwelling.  The officer also suggests vacation tips such as mail stoppage, lawn maintenance and proper illumination of the home.

The Crime Prevention Neighborhood Watch Program has remained active and strong in Long Hill Township.  Due to this active program which involves meetings and home security inspections, Long Hill Township experienced only one burglary during the first quarter of 2000.  If this trend continues we will experience only two burglaries for the entire year.  This would equate to an 87% decrease from 1998 and an 83% decrease from 1999.  This reduction indicates that the crime prevention programs in Long Hill Township are effective.

Ask at the Police Department for a copy of these handouts related to Home Security:

  • "Baby Sitter's Guide to Being Safe"
  • "Media Violence Invading your Home ? Turn it OFF"
  • "What's a Parent to do about Gangs ?"
  • "Safer Seniors"
  • "Holiday Safety"
  • "Join a Neighborhood Watch"
  • "Halloween Safety"
  • "Home Security - Invest in it Now"
  • "At Home Alone"

The Township already has 28 Neighborhood Watch groups, covering one-third of our residences.  We supply street signs at the entrance to the neighborhood, to deter criminals.  If your neighborhood does not participate, then any interested resident or representative of a neighborhood association should contact Emergency Management Director, Shayne Daly at 908-647-6131  or via this email link.