Township of Long Hill
Long Hill Uniform Police Patch
Police Department
Chief Ahmed Naga
264 Mercer Street, Stirling, NJ, 07980
Non-Emergency Phone 908-647-1800
Fax: 908-647-0355



The Patrol Division consists of four patrol squads each supervised by an assigned patrol sergeant.

"Service Calls"

Patrol Motorcycle

  • Part of our mission is to do "whatever it takes" to help our residents.  In an emergency, call us and simply ask for help.

    • Locked out of your house or vehicle.
    • Any medical emergency. 
    • Motorist aid or hazardous road conditions.
    • Fire alarm, burglar alarm, or car alarm sounding.
    • Any animal complaint - domestic or wild, alive or dead, inside your house or outside

  • All our police officers are certified as First Responders.  All of our officers are also certified as Heart Defibrillator Responders.  (The Long Hill Police Department was the first police department in New Jersey to have all police officers trained in the use of the defibrillators.). 

  • We have these "defibs" on patrol at all times and our protocol requires that at least one officer possessing a defibrillator must respond to every reported cardiac emergency.  The immediate availability of a trained police officer during a cardiac emergency can make a significant difference while we dispatch the First Aid Squad.

  • We also have NARCAN on patrol at all times.  All of our officer are trained on the deployment of NARCAN.  With the Opiate Epidemic the town and department have started “A Way Out” Task Force.

Patrol MorotcycleEvery call for service that is received at the police communications center is initially answered by a telecommunications operator and assigned to an officer for police response.  The Patrol Division is the most visible section of the police department as they can be easily observed wearing a french blue shirt uniform and driving a marked black & white police vehicle.

The responsibilities of the Patrol officer is to conduct preliminary criminal investigations, respond to motor vehicle accident investigations, respond to first aid calls, fire calls and investigate a wide range of non-criminal reports.  In 2017, the Long Hill Police Department responded to over 21,000 incidents.

Patrol Car



There are 9 marked patrol cars for daily patrol use.  In 2009, the Long Hill Police Department installed a LoJack Stolen Motor Vehicle Detection system in a patrol vehicle.

The Long Hill Township Police Department conducts a sobriety checkpoint at various entrances to the town to help stop drinking and driving.  The enforcement initiative is part of a national campaign called "You Drink & Drive. You Lose."  The goal of this initiative is to reduce the number of alcohol related traffic fatalities on America’s roadways. 

Sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols are proven deterrence for impaired drivers.  Not only can sobriety checkpoints remove impaired drivers from the roadway, but also it can deter many from getting behind the wheel while they are impaired knowing that law enforcement is focused on this campaign.  The Long Hill Township Police Department supports the "You Drink & Drive. You Lose" campaign and hope that you will too.

You Drink and Drive - Uou LoseLo-Jack