Township of Long Hill


Parks & Recreation Director:  Lisa Scanlon x219
Recreation Assistant:  Danielle McLeer x267
915 Valley Road Gillette, NJ 07933

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Volunteers—Recreation Programs & Coaches

In an effort to provide fun, responsible and safe programs for our residents, we adhere to the following policies and guidelines for our Recreation Program Volunteers and Coaches. These policies are in place for the protection and well-being of all—the participants, the volunteers, and the Township.  Violation of any of the following policies may result in discipline up to and including the immediate removal of the volunteer, coach, or program affiliate:

All established Park Rules and Regulations; (See Park Rules and Regulations above and Inclement Weather Policy.)

Engaging in criminal conduct or acts of violence or making threats of violence toward anyone while on Township property or while involved in a Township Recreation-sponsored program;

Threatening, intimidating or coercing Township employees or fellow volunteers of the Recreation Dept./Recreation Programs;

Willful falsification or misrepresentation of facts on any Recreation Dept. records; alteration of any department records/documents in an effort to mislead individuals or distort the truth;

Breach of confidentiality of personnel information of program information considered to be confidential;

Malicious gossip and perpetuation of rumors; engaging in behavior designed to create disharmony, interfere with the operations of the Recreation Dept., the activities of volunteers or participants,  or the employees of the Township;

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at any Long Hill Recreation event designed for the participation of minors;

Possession or use of all illegal drugs or other illegal substances.
All coaches, supervisors, program staff, Recreation Advisory Committee Members, Recreation Employees(18 years and older)  involved with the Recreation Dept. programs or co-sponsored programs involving individuals under the age of 18 shall be required to complete a Background Check per policy. (See Long Hill Background Check Policy for Volunteers and Coaches.)

Any Recreation Dept. sponsored or co-sponsored event involving individuals under the age of 18 shall follow these guidelines:

  • No single adult (coach, assistant coach, manager, instructor, team parent, Recreation Dept. employee or volunteer) shall be alone with any child other than their own.
  • There must be at least two (2) adult supervisors (members of the associated organization) delivering instruction/supervision on site.  It is further recommended that at least one other qualified member of the associated organization be present in case of an emergency where a supervisor must leave the site.
  • It is the responsibility of parents to drop off/deliver their child(ren) to the program on time and pick up their child(ren) on time as well.  If a child is not picked up or another person other than the parent/guardian or a parent/guardian-designated alternative tries to pick up a child, the program supervisor (individual in charge) shall contact the Long Hill Police Dept. at 908.647.1800 or 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child(ren) until such a time as the program supervisor (individual in charge) has accepted supervision of that child(ren).
  • Coaches/Program Supervisors may not leave the site until every child is picked up.
  • It is expected that all coaches/program supervisors shall have parent/guardian emergency contact information for each participant with them at all times the child(ren) is/are participating in the program.
  • In the event any injury or incident occurs while on Township property or during a Recreation Dept.-sponsored event regardless of location, and Incident Report must be completed and submitted to the Recreation Dept. within 24 hours of the incident or next business day.  (See form.)
  • All participants in any sports program will read, acknowledge receipt when required, and follow the Long Hill Recreation Youth Sport Code of Conduct policy.  In addition, all involved in any sports program within the state need to be aware of the state’s established athletic codes for players, coaches, officials and parents.  In addition, within the state’s assault legislation, a new category of aggravated assault was created.  Simple assault in the presence of a child 16 years and younger at a school or community youth sport event or practice, regardless of whether the perpetrator is aware of the age and/or the presence of the child—elevates a “simple assault  “ to an “aggravated assault”.

All Coaches and program staff involved with Recreation Dept. sports programs and co-sponsored sports programs are required to:

      • Complete a Background Check per the policy
      • Attend a safety program such as the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. clinic which provides civil immunity to coaches and other program volunteers barring any proven negligence.
      • Annually review the CDC Heads Up free concussion training course (
      • In addition, all coaches are strongly encouraged to become First Aid/CPR/AED certified through either Red Cross or the American Heart Association.

All Volunteer Youth Program Coaches (Long Hill and Watchung Hills programs) are encouraged to enter the following information into Community Pass:

                *Date of Fingerprinting Background Check
                *Date of Subsequent Online Background Check(s)
                *Date of Rutgers SAFETY certification (or equivalent program)
                *Date of CPR/AED training
                *Date of First Aid Training
                *Date of CDC Heads Up Concussion Training

Once information is entered, copies of certifications/receipts should be forwarded to the Parks & Recreation Dept.  The Parks & Rec Dept. will verify the certifications and keep files on hand so that this information can be stored in one central location.  It is still the responsibility of each coach to maintain copies of their certifications, but where and when the Parks & Rec Dept can streamline the coach approval process, we will.  Any questions, please call 908.647.8000 x219.