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Travel Basketball

Check here for Travel Basketball Notices

Travel Basketball Try-outs for boys & girls in grades 4-8 will begin week of 10/4 and continue through 10/20 (may be extended as necessary).  Travel Basketball Try-Out Dates (subject to change based on gym availability.)

Click HERE for Travel Basketball Try-Out Schedule


*We will follow all NJDOH, NJDOE, and State Executive Orders. 

Our Travel Basketball Program will compete in the JBL (Jersey Basketball League) run by Mitch Aronson.  Our first meeting with the league will take place on 9/8 to plan for the fall/winter basketball season.

   Travel Basketball Policies

JBL Rules

 Remember to check gym schedules linked below.
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"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it."
- Knute Rockne

Portable Clock Rules For Basketball

Recreation Employment Application 

(due to Recreation Director 10/1--all employees--new & returning must complete) 


Everyone must pre-register on Community Pass.  We will only accept registrations at the door on an exception basis.  We need to know headcounts and gauge interest by team ahead of the actual try-out date.  This is a change from prior years where sign ups at the door were discouraged but still accepted.  Now they will be strongly frowned upon.

*Second try-out dates are currently posted.  The second try-out may be determined not needed if "the team" shows up at the first try-out and no one else is registered for try-outs. 

*If a player is interested in trying out and is either injured or sick the night of the first scheduled try-out, that player must still register on Community Pass before the first night of try-outs are held so that we know there is another player interested which would necessitate holding the second night of try-outs.  Otherwise, we will assume there are no other interested players.  Once the second night of try-outs are canceled, it may be too late to restore it.

*There is an independent panel that will be conducting the try-outs and selecting the teams. After the try-outs are complete, the teams will be posted on the website ( under Recreation/Travel Basketball). The players will be listed by try-out number only (not name).
*All candidates will be given a number to be pinned onto their shirts during try-outs. It is very important that each candidate save the number after the first try-out and wear it again during the second try-out. (No one should wear a Long Hill Travel Basketball Jersey from prior year to try-outs.) 

*Try-outs are closed. Parents of players and previous/potential coaches are not permitted to be in the gym during try-outs.
*A “Parents Meeting” will be held during the first try-outs (while the players are in the gym) to discuss commitment to the team/program and selection process. This is a very quick meeting. Parents should note the “Parent Meeting Time” noted in the above table. Please make every effort to attend this meeting if you are not familiar with the program.  If you are not able to make the meeting and have not participated in the program before, please arrange to send someone in your place or have another parent take notes for you.
*These are competitive teams and are separate from the Recreation Basketball Program that is held on Saturdays. Those selected for the Travel Program are welcome/encouraged to play in the Recreation Program as well. 

Fees for the season will be posted and are paid at the time the player accepts a spot offered to them on a team.  All fees must be paid before a team can begin practicing.  There is an additional fee for the basketball uniform top (unless player can still wear uniform top from previous year).  Uniform shorts are provided to players.



Travel basketball is a program run by Long Hill Township Recreation for both boys and girls grades 4 through 8.  It has a volunteer staff of coaches, and it runs from October to March.  In order to participate, one needs to try out for a team.  Try-outs start typically during the last week of September/1st week of October.  As soon as a team is rostered, practices begin immediately after. Typically there are 2 practices a week and minimum of one game a week.  Half of the games are played away at surrounding towns while the remainder are played in the Long Hill School Gyms.  This is a rewarding program but also demanding.  All teams compete in the Jersey Basketball League, follow their rules, and games begin in December. 

NOTE:  Before accepting a position on a Travel Team, each player and their family should consider the time commitment that goes along with these teams.  Teams will typically practice 1-2 times per week, will have 1-2 games per week in season, usually two tournaments per season, and possibly post season games/practices if the team does well during their regular season.  Please make sure you and your child are comfortable with the time commitment before accepting a position on a team.  During practices, the players will learn plays that will be utilized in the games.  If a player routinely misses practices due to other commitments, they will probably not know the plays on the court in a game.  This can lead to frustration and may lead to less playing time for the player in games.  Please reach out to discuss any personal concerns for the Head Coach or contact the Recreation Dept. at 908.647.8000 x219.

Coaches:  Click HERE to view  the gym schedules 
Username: longhill123
Password: 123456
Note: Click on schedule, Sessions, and then click on "Book Sessions" — will show list for the week of what is going on in the gyms.

For more information regarding the try-out process and selection of coaches, please review the Travel Basketball Policies (Link is provided below.)

Long Hill Travel Basketball Policies, please click here: Policies (Updated August 2021)

Please note:  We participate in the Jersey Basketball League.  The league has its own set of policies which we must follow, and their policies will supercede any of ours in the event of a discrepancy.  Visit the Jersey Basketball League website ( to review the league rules.

Please click here to view the Youth Sport Code of Conduct:  Youth Sport Code of Conduct  It is very important that everyone involved in the Travel Basketball Program--players, parents, coaches--read and adhere to this policy.

2015 Scott Andersen Tournament 7th Grade Girls Champions

2015 Scott Andersen Tournament 7th Grade Girls Champions


2015 Scott Andersen Tournament 8th Grade Girls Champions

2015 Scott Andersen Tournament 8th Grade Girls Champions


7th Grade Girls Team—Scott Andersen Tournament Champions, December 2014

Washing Your Travel Basketball Uniform

We ask that you follow the laundering instructions listed below to clean the travel basketball uniform: 

*Please turn uniform inside out before laundering.
*Hand wash or machine wash on gentle.
*Allow uniform to dry flat or on hanger.  Avoid the dryer.
*Do not use fabric softener.  Fabric softeners can react with the inks used in screen printing. 

Thank you.