Township of Long Hill


Engine 11 is the primary attack truck of the Millington Fire Company.  It is equipped with:

  • A Pneumax Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS).  This system utilizes a 200CFM compressor and allows the pump operator to introduce a Class Aor Class B foam solution along with compressed air into an attack line with the water. 

    Class A foam is used for structure fires. By reducing the surface tension of the water, it makes the water "slipperier", and it penetrates better. Class B foam is used against fuel fires. This is the foam used at airport fires. 

    The compressed air increases the knockdown capability while reducing the amount of water used in a standard water attack.  (In situations where hydrants are not close or there is a delay in establishing a water supply, the use of CAFS can increase the knockdown capability of Engine 11 up to 5000 gals.)  Read about the foam system on the manufacturer's web page.
  • A 1250 GPM Waterous pump
  • A 1000 gallon water tank
  • Supplies used to control HazMat spills.
  • A 6 man Spartan air conditioned cab.  The cab is used to provide a climate controlled rest area for firefighters who need relief from heat exhaustion, etc. at the scene of a fire.
  • Engine 11 was acquired in late 2000.

Foam on the streetMVFC spread some foam on the street at a block party to entertain and educate.