Township of Long Hill


Support Truck 12

9/11 memorial graphic on Truck 12
All vehicles of the MVFC carry this emblem, memorializing the firefighters who died on 9/11.

Support 12 is the utility and rescue truck of the Millington Volunteer Fire Company.  This Ford F-550 Super Duty truck was purchased by the Company with its own funds, thanks to the generous donations of the town's residents. 

This style was selected for its off-road capabilities, including 4 wheel drive and a high suspension.  The cab seats five firefighters.  The rear of the truck (not shown) is an open bed available for many miscellaneous functions.


The side compartments are loaded with appropriate equipment.  The left side carries containment and absorbent material and protective clothing for first response at a hazardous material incident.
Millington Rescue Boat
This Memorial Day photo shows the rescue boat behind Engine 13 - our brush truck - because Truck 12 had not yet been delivered.

Long Hill is bordered on 2 sides by 12.4 miles of the Passaic River.  During severe flooding, the river overflows its banks, and inundates portions of the town designated as flood plains.  MVFC's rescue boat has a 25HP motor, and is kept inflated and trailer mounted so it can be quickly hauled to any point on the river or in the flood plain where a rescue may be necessary.  The right-side compartments of Truck 12 carry water survival equipment, flotation gear, waterproof lights, etc to support the water rescue mission. Millington Rescue Boat