Township of Long Hill


The Morris County Office of Emergency Management provides resources to notify residents of pending emergencies throughout the County, including flooding.  Emergency alerts can be obtained by email and text message.  Visit the Morris County Emergency preparedness webpage to register:


If you live near a brook, stream, drainage ditch or low-lying area, you should be concerned about flood hazards.  There are several actions you can take to protect yourself. 

1.    Know the flood warning procedures.
2.    Plan escape routes to high ground.
3.    Monitor water levels in nearby brooks, streams, etc. Stay tuned to local radio (WKMB 1070 AM) for warning broadcasts
4.    When you hear of possible flooding, be prepared to shut off all gas and electrical systems.  In addition you should have an escape route planned for your family.
5.    Evacuate the hazard areas when advised by police, fire or radio alert. If time permits, shut off all gas, heat and electrical systems.  Take a portable radio and flashlight with you.
6.    DO NOT attempt to cross a flooded stream or street on foot or by car.
7.    If your car stalls in water immediately abandon it and seek high ground.
8.    Keep everyone (especially children) away from flood waters, brooks, storm drains, etc.
9.    Be alert and cautious, especially at night.
10.  DO NOT return to the flooded area or your home until you know it is safe.