Township of Long Hill


Policy for LISTING a Community Organization

  • Organizations listed should be true social, fraternal, youth or related organizations.
  • Organizations listed must be based in the Township, or must be based in an immediately adjacent town and have a significant membership interest from Long Hill Township.
  • To remain listed, the Organization must provide a Contact who has a valid telephone number or e-mail address or both.  We will link to the e-mail address if provided.
  • If the organization holds regular meetings, then the meeting schedule (day AND time), and the meeting place, must be listed.

Policy for LINKING to a Community Organization Website

  • We will link to a website that is specific to the LOCAL organization.  That website will generally state the purpose, composition, service goals and recruiting information for the LOCAL organization.  That website may, in turn, link to their national organization.  However, the Township web site will NOT link directly only to a national organization website.
  • Community organization websites we link to MUST link back to us.
  • Websites we link to must be well-behaved. Text scaling should be consistent with this website. All javascript should work without Alert messages. There should be no intense graphics or music or java calls on the Home Page.

Websites with links to blatantly commercial websites will not be linked

  • The township will link to commercial sites when it is reasonable to fulfill its INFORMATIONAL OUTREACH to the citizens. ex: Bus and utility companies.
  • We link to the Community organizations ONLY to give voice to their objectives and to aid their recruiting, etc., NOT because they are set up as commercial gateways.  This site will NOT link to Community Organizations which have (blatant) commercial links.
  • We will link to organization's websites that are "sponsored" by a commercial enterprise, if the sponsorship message is discrete and does NOT appear as a banner graphic.

Policy for providing a Web Page on the Township Website.

  • We will install one informational page on the township website for a community organization (that otherwise qualifies for listing) upon request to the Webmaster. 
  • The provided web page will be prepared and loaded by the Township webmaster, and it will follow the layout and style of the rest of the site.
  • The Township cannot provide frequent updates to the page. It should be of an introductory nature. If frequent updates or maintenance are required, the organization is encouraged to establish its own separate website to which the Township site can link, and on which the organization can make it's own updates at its own schedule.
  • The Community Organization is encouraged to work to have websites in its association link directly to its page on this site.