Township of Long Hill

The Township’s new garbage contract with Grand Sanitation and new recycling contract with Morris County MUA began this week.  These changes were discussed at multiple Township Committee meetings, newspaper articles, website and Facebook posts, as well as a text and email blast on Alert Long Hill, updates on Recycle Coach and the Township calendar that was mailed to every resident.

In addition, the attached letter was mailed to every house in Long Hill in mid-December, however, unfortunately due to delays with the postal service, it appears that very few residents have received the mailing.  In addition to the letter the mailing also contains information about what can and cannot be recycled, a sticker that may be placed on your recycling bin, and an Emergency Management booklet for your information. If you have not received the mailing, it should arrive soon.

Note: Garbage zones and pickup days have not changed. Recycling pickup is every other Monday for all zones.

If you have your garbage out on your scheduled day by 6 a.m. and it has not been picked up by the end of the day, please email the contractor at
If your recycling is not picked up, please call or email the contractor at 973-285-8396 or prior to 10 am the day after the missed collection.

I hope this clarifies any misinformation you may have heard or read.

Nancy Malool, Township Administrator