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First Aid Squad Ambulance
Car 31 is one of 3 nearly identical ambulances operated by the First Aid Squad.  These ambulances weigh about 10,000 pounds.  The three ambulances are all manufactured by Braun Industries.  Car 30 was purchased completely new in 1995.  Car 31 was purchased new in 1998.  Car 29 had it's modular box remounted onto a new chassis in 1999.
First Aid Squad Ambulance

Each is equipped with:

  • Specialized Lifting and Moving equipment
  • Oxygen, and other airway management equipment
  • A Defibrillator
  • Childbirth equipment
  • Equipment specifically designed for infants and children
  • Multi-trauma management equipment
  • Bandaging supplies
  • Firefighter-like gear used for motor vehicle accidents.
First Aid Squad Ambulance

The First Aid Squad has a policy that all its ambulances are always configured identically.  This means that the EMT will be able to locate any supplies in exactly the same cabinet regardless of which ambulance he is riding in.  Any photos of the interior of any of the three ambulances would look exactly the same.

First Aid Squad Ambulance

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The ambulance below is the first unit owned by the TOP Squad in 1974.

Historic First Aid Squad Ambulance