Township of Long Hill


The members of the First Aid Squad participate in a wide variety of training to maintain and improve their skills.
Position Skills and Training
Probationary Probationary members have recently joined the squad and are still learning how it operates.  These members are in the process of pursuing their EMT certifications, or training to become an ambulance driver.
Driver In order for the ambulance to respond to a call, there must be a driver.  Many of our drivers are not certified EMTs.  However, the EMT certification is not something every member wishes to attain.
Emergency Medical
Technician (EMT)
EMTs complete a 110 hour classroom course and spend 10 hours in an Emergency Room assisting the hospital staff.  Most of our members are EMTs, and they are required to take continuing education courses to maintain their skills.
Crew Chief A member who has been an EMT for six months to a year, and has responded to an above average number of calls.  These members are given the responsibility of commanding the scene of a first aid call and are responsible for all operational decisions during that call.

Nearly anyone is eligible for membership in the Long Hill First Aid Squad.  Some of our members are CPR and First Aid instructors, so if you do not have any CPR or First Aid certifications, we can train you in-house for the basic skills needed to participate in EMS calls.  The squad is always accepting applications.  To learn more about joining the squad, email us, and an officer will contact you.

If you can't join, you can help by making a generous contribution.  The Long Hill First Aid Squad would not be able to function without the generous donations from the township's residents and businesses.